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Previous Pets of The Month

Cali Franzese

Cali Franzese

Meet "Cali" Franzese with her handsome young friend Demetri. Cali has no idea how lucky she is to be a part of this incredible family from Connecticut. They lost the most spoiled Maltese named Oakie last year to kidney failure and have now given this beautiful Maltese/Yorkie cross from California a wonderful home! 


"Willie" Skinner AKA the most spoiled dog in Dare County, show off his new pajamas. Ready for bedtime Willie?


Tina Buckalew holds her wonderful Cocker Spaniel Hurley. Hurley is one lucky dog to be in this home!


Tamara Jones hugs her new best friend, a Bichon Frise named Grady Tee from Kitty Hawk. I honestly don't think Grady has any idea how lucky he is to be a part of this family!


Meet Princess Hernandez. Such a beautiful girl holding her very pretty Pomeranian "Candy."

Mercedes Twiddy
Mercedes Twiddy


Zazu is a 3 year old Red and Green Macaw. His owner, Kayla C(shown with him), adopted him and drove to Florida to pick him up. Not only is he beautiful but he is a really cool bird!


Meet Suki Rapant. Suki is an absolutely adorable English Bulldog shown here being cuddled by her new "mom" Angie. Talk about pure love! (-:


Max Barker - very cool cat.


Meet Mango Ewerling. Mango is a 4 month old Macaw who was in for his first visit and to have the sex determined. Mango has no idea how lucky he is to become a member of the Ewerling family! 


Linda Hooper with her best friend Willow.

Tank Kubik
Tank Kubik

Meet Tank Kubik! Tank spent Easter weekend with us and it was a blast! He is so funny and so animated. We loved having him visit. Here Tank takes a moment to pose with Dr Grossman, Vet assistant Brandy Simpson, and Veterinary technician Melissa Cooper. Thank's for the smiles Tank!

Bambi and ThumperBambi and Thumper

Leonora Roark, from Grandy, cuddles her two new family additions. Bambi and Thumper are seven week old sister and brother black Schnauzers. They have no idea how lucky they are to have been chosen to be in this home!  Congratulations to the Roarks!


Chance Moore sits so proudly in our lobby while waiting for his follow-up blood results. What a handsome boy!!!

Savannah and BelleSavannah and Belle

We don't see very many Basenji dogs on the Outer Banks. It is a breed of hunting dog originally used to hunt lions in Africa. They are an affectionate, alert, energetic and highly intelligent breed.

Here, Savannah and Belle Johnson sit patiently awaiting their physical exam before traveling to Colorado.


Meet Bailey, one of our more unique boarders. Bailey is a 1 year old Indian Runner Duck who thinks he is a person. He is extremely friendly and interactive and we love having him with us!

Ray RayRay Ray

Ray Ray is a simply ADORABLE 6 year old Papillon who sometimes thinks he's a Labrador the way he won't stop retrieving balls. Here he reminds us he is a lap dog as he sits handsomely with his owner Helen Wingfield for a quick pose never dropping the ball in mouth.

Bear & GeorgiaBear & Georgia

Sara Close smiles as she poses with her two beautiful Newfies Bear (left) and Georgia. These two handsome beasts love their "mom" who, at half their size, maintains complete control of them and I'm sure always feels safe with these gentle giants at her side. Bear just had his knee repaired at our clinic by Board Certified Orthopedic surgeon Buck Clark.


This beautiful Sun Conure captured our front page spot too this month. Henry is a 5 year old Sun Conure who perches pretty with owner Peggy Zeman when he comes for his regular check up and to have his beak, wings and nails trimmed.


Jolene Albarty is so sweet and so patient as she sits quietly with her treat during her chemotherapy session. Jolene was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma last year. She has been in remission since beginning the chemo protocol this past November.


Constance Baron smiles as she cradles her friend Napoleon. Napoleon is a 10 year old 5 1/2 foot male Ball Python.  He presented with a skin infection but is looking much better on his follow up appointment. 

This breed of Python is one of the smallest of this species and is found naturally in Africa. They make great pets when properly housed and cared for.


Jessa Grossman strikes a pose at the Nags Head event site. Is she a pretty shepherd or what?!!! (-:

Bloodhound PuppiesBloodhound Puppies

Head technician Melissa Cooper, enjoys a cuddle break with this 7 week old litter of Bloodhounds. The owner is a local law enforcement officer who breeds them and donates to law enforcement agencies around the world where they can be trained to track almost anything. How cool is that?!


The Henning's pose with Dr Grossman and their adorable new member of the family. "Higgins" is a 9 week old Ragdoll kitten who defines the phrase "cute as a button!"


Nancy Lenthall hugs her new best friend Venezia. Venezia is an 8 week old Great Dane who has no idea how lucky she is to be a part of this family!

Tabby KittensTabby Kittens

These three beautiful kids took a moment to cuddle with three orange tabby kittens in the clinic. The three tabbies were dropped off at our clinic and need a home. Call us if you are interested in adoption (the kittens, not the kids) and giving them a home. 

From left to right the kids are: Ryder Tedrick, good friend Piper, and Ryder's sister Addy

BP & Mackey Black
BP & Mackey Black

Darlene (Kookie) Skinner LOVES LOVES LOVES her cats! But they can sure strike some funny poses. Here BP takes his usual position half hanging over the kitchen counter as Mackey Black tries to figure out how the heck he balances him self like that!

Grace & SoldierGrace & Soldier

English Bulldogs  Grace and Soldier Waters relax after having their physical examination and puppy immunizations. Grace is the "boss" of the two while Soldier is kinda laid back and chill.

Coconut & ButtonsCoconut & Buttons

Golden Retriever, Coconut Maier loves her new best friend, a kitten we call "Buttons". Buttons was dropped off for adoption a few days before Coconut's annual visit and it was love at first sight! Owner Kelly Maier adopted Buttons after seeing the instant bond between the two pets. Coconut is a service dog who spends a great deal of time with autistic children. How cool is that???!!!

Golden Retriever PuppiesGolden Retriever Puppies

AI WORKS!!! Debbie Harrell (left) poses with Charlie Archbell as they hold the 6 pups Debbie's dog Allie gave birth to. Allie could not seem to get pregnant naturally so artificial insemination was attempted using Charlie's handsome Golden Retriever, Buddy. All 6 pups are incredibly healthy and all have been spoken for.  Life isn't good; life is GREAT!!!


Carol Drumm poses with "Lucky" whose name surely fits. Lucky was found by Carol about a year ago. He was semi feral and was worn down and ragged by surviving outdoors on his own. Now he is a gentle giant who appreciates his home and loves his new family!


Becky Holt hugs Raliegh, her 3 year old, 85 pound LAPradore!

Raleigh thinks he's more of a lap dog then a retriever. 

Essie Mae
Essie Mae

Sara McCown starts off our 2012 Pet of the Month with a beautiful smile as she hugs her pup Essie Mae, a 3 year old Yorkie Poo who's pretty face can melt your heart!


Here Betsy Jones holds her Yorkie, "Bailey," at 9 months of age. Betsy brought Bailey by to recieve her Lyme booster. What a beautiful pair they make!


Carol Perry LOVES her Poms!  Here Carol is hugging "Manny", one of her two new additions to the family. "Gigi" is a beautiful 11/2 year old female Pom who's waiting at home for her "brother."

Roo KellyRoo Kelly

Meet Roo Kelly! A 6 year old 125 pound Blue Merle Great Dane who is as regal as she is gentle. Roo came to our clinic for the first time in July with a diagnosis of bone cancer in her leg. Sadly, to save her, the leg had to be amputated.

Here she is recieving her follow-up chemo therapy to keep the cancer from spreading. We just LOVE when Roo visits us!


Kitty Burke proudly shows off the newest addition to her family.  A 5 month old Bichon-Poo named "Otis".  Otis has no idea just how lucky he is! Congratulations Kitty!


"Donald" Croswait gets lots of hugs from his loving family!

 Donald is a Jumbo Peking duck who presnted with a fracture of his femur.


Meet Queen "Olivia" Otte. Olivia is visiting for a recheck after having her knee repaired by orthopedic surgeon, Buck Clark. Here she hides under the safety of her mom and chair after Dr Grossman's examination.


"GiGi" Sullivan strikes a pose in the arms of proud "momma" Amy. GiGi doesn't know it but she found herself in the home of one of the nicest Weimaraner-loving famies with getting to spoiled as one of her biggest concerns!

Hunny BunnyHunny Bunny

Tom White poses proudly with new friend "Hunny Bunny" - a handsome 2 year old Persian Tom rescued.


What a smile! Owner Mabel Hathaway smiles proudly as her new young Schnoodle, "Stella" strikes a pose.


Tom Krauss (left) cuddles "Hattie", the new family pet. Although Tom's always been a Lab guy, "Hattie" captured his heart, as she did the rest of the Krauss family.


Meet "Lacey" the Wonder dog!

 Lacey Gardner, an 8 year old Lhasa Apso, poses with mom Georgia, during a recheck appointment. Lacey was diagnosed and almost died a year and a half ago, from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. this is a life threatening disease where her own immune system attacked and destroyed her red blood cells.

 With a lot of work, and a lot of love, Lacey is as happy as she's ever been - and so BTW, is mom! (-:

Hoss, Chloe, (Bull Mastiffs), Saphire (The Cat), and Ginger (The Goat)

Hoss, Chloe, (Bull Mastiffs), Saphire (The Cat), and Ginger (The Goat)

Meet the Hadley's. This wonderful family from up state New York, recently became residents of Ocracoke.  Mom, Krystine and two daughters await an appointment in Ocracoke to have their critters, "Hoss" and Chloe" (Bull Mastiffs),  "Saphire" the kitty, and Ginger the goat, be seen by Dr Grossman.


Porky sits proudly by his owner, Arthur Fuller.  Arthur won a state-of-the-art Dyson Ball vaccum cleaner compliments of Novartis. June and July were Heartworm prevention months here at the clinic and Novartis picked Arthur's name from a huge pile of names who purchased Sentinel Heartworm and Flea prevention during those months. 

 Congratulations Arthur!


Fred and Sandy Bamonte cuddle with their new family member "Belle". Belle joined the Bamonte's a few months ago and now knows just how wonderful life can be! Lucky Dog!


Irene and daughter Christina Puswald pose with "Holly" whom they adopted from our clinic a few years ago. Irene, hubby Frank and family have been vacationing here on the Outer Banks from New York for over 20 years. They met us in 1993 when  Dr Grossman came in on emergency for their beloved Labrodore "Sunny", who was hit by a car in Kitty Hawk.  Sunny went on to live a long, very spoiled, and happy life!


Jamie Holcomb (left) struggles to hold up the new family member, 9 week old Deco, as big sister Jordan poses with them. 

Deco is a cream Golden Retriever that will soon weight more then either of its "sisters".


Meet Kessey Walton. Kessy suffered a severe bout of vestibular disease. And at 14 years old, she's back in the baby carriage for her office visit during her recovery. Kessey's getting stronger every day and should be back on her feet in no time!


Meet Annie Hooper. What a gal! Annie has a heart of pure gold and has never met an enemy. She has battled and beaten pericardial effussion several times and still has the energy of a young buck. Annie's love for life is matched only by her owner's love for her.

Here Annie takes time out to befriend a beautiful Robin that pearched on her window sill.


Theadore (Teddy) Swisstack loves to be hugged by mom Nancy. When we met Teddy he could barely keep his eyes open because of a genetic defect. After corrective surgery, he loves looking at everyone he licks. We love you Teddy - even if you are from New Jersey! (-:


"Sadie" Kimble finds comfort with dad Shane's touch as she visits for her annual physical exam vaccinations. Sadie underwent bilateral knee surgery in October of 2009. Although she is close to 100%, Sadie gets monthly Adequan (a natural glycosaminoglycan) injections to keep both knees moving freely.


Our clinic four legged tech "Jessa" gives a gentle sniff and a nudge to one of Tilly Greskevitch's pups of Lighthouse Labs out of Roper NC. This pup is only minutes old after a successful C-section on Tilly delivered six healthy beautiful pups.


There's just something about Poms. Here "Misty" Moreland cuddles next to mom Kim. Misty is only 3 months old and has already captured our hearts. What a cutie!!!