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 A Few Words About Us

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What I love about our practice is that this very modern, very progressive veterinary hospital is nestled in this small-town like community. The warm, small town atmosphere is one of the aspects we like most about our practice . Don't be fooled by this though. We offer some of the most modern veterinary medicine and surgery available.

Dr Burkart and I have always felt that an open more informal relationship with the owner is the most effective way to run a practice. We are treating YOUR pets. We welcome your input about your pet's care and health management. After all, who knows your pet better then you? We want you to feel involved and always in the loop about health care decisions we are making for your pet whether it is about routine care, or your pet is ill.

And our staff members are tops! The folks on our team love your pets and really care about their profession. I bet I hear at least once or twice daily how helpful one of our staff members were in helping an owner with their pet.  We have state of the art in house blood and urine analyzers, digital radiography, and ultrasound. Which means if your pet becomes ill, we can often have answers in hours instead of days.
people holding dogsI have been a consultant and editor for VIN (Veterinary Information Network) since 1995. This is a global network of over 80,000 veterinarians who communicate on-line to help each other with difficult cases or keep up with current advances in veterinary medicine.
Our boarding facility is tops. We have 20 wonderful dog runs in a clean, heated and air conditioned building. Along with these runs are two 100 feet by 65 feet fenced-in grass back yards that allow the dogs to get out for individual play and exercise time.  And the kennel support team are always there, always paying close attention to your pet and either letting them out to play or walking them throughout the day.

We believe nutrition plays a big part in your pets health. Our clinic is stocked with some of the best diets for dogs and cats. Hill's Prescription Diet along with Royal Canin provide us with diets that can meet any and every special dietary needs of our patients.

Ours is a community practice. Our children have been raised here on Roanoke Island and I have watched so many of our client's children grow up too. We go to most of the career day events at  school and we love having the local children who are interested in veterinary medicine work for us or just spend a day to watch. I am so proud of the fact that several of these kids have gone on to become veterinarians themselves - including our son Elliot who now works side by side with us.   

It is our pleasure to not only be members of the community but to be able to do what's been a calling for us, in such a beautiful area, with such wonderful people here on the Outer Banks.

-Dr Mark Grossman

More about Roanoke Island Animal Clinic

 Meet "Fannie", the miracle cat;  (and her new family)

Meet "Fannie", the miracle cat;  (and her new family)

I met Fannie in mid-June when I received an emergency call from our local SPCA. Seems a local man started his car and immediately began hearing a loud MEOWING coming from a under the hood of his car. He turned off the engine and upon looking under the hood, found a screaming little 4 week old kitten with her arm wedged under the alternator belt and jammed between the pulley system.  The upset animal lover, proceeded to cut the alternator belt but still was unable to dislodge the kitty.

  With the pulley system not turning, he drove the car a block to the local EMT station and called the SPCA.  But with the poor kitten yelling in pain and fear,  they still could not dislodge the trapped arm.  Josie, from the animal shelter, gave me a call and estimated the weight of the kitten to be about 1 pound.  Pulling up my favorite kitty anesthesia cocktail I soon joined the rescue team.  I slipped under the car and was able to reach the kitten's rear end and inject the anesthesia as I said a quick prayer hoping the dose was appropriate. Within minutes, there was silence. As i looked into the engine, I could not believe how the arm was wedged into the pulley system jammed up to the shoulder. I thought for sure, even if we saved the kitten, it would surely have to lose it's arm.  Well, after 20 minutes of manipulating - me from above and Josie from below, whala! - we were able to dislodge this little girl. I took her back to the hospital and had to close a deep wound in her arm pit caused by the pulley belt.  We kept her for a week or so and she never looked back. Here, her new owners are so happy that she joined their family. What a great way to begin a summer!!! 

Assistant Autumn Price holds a wonderful African Goose named Chesney. Owner, Zach Oesting, couldn't be happier with his pet's complete recovery from a near death experience from a fatal neurological disease. So cool! (-:

Assistant Autumn Price holds a wonderful African Goose

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