Roanoke Island Animal Clinic

107 Russell Twiford Road
Manteo, NC 27954


Happy staff! Support staff Taylor, Lillie, and Gaelen from left to right take a moment for a group hug and smile.

Melissa Cooper Roanoke island animal clinic

Melissa Cooper - Head Technician/Supervisor (always havin fun)  

Born and raised in Baltimore MD, Melissa moved to the Outer Banks in 1993 knowing very little about veterinary medicine but having a deep love for all animals.  After being our animal assistant for 5 years, she traveled 4 hours twice weekly for 3 years to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) - and one of the best I've ever seen I might add. In 2006 she moved to Charleston, SC where her husband pursued a management position in radio. Two years later Melissa rejoined out team and is now our technical supervisor.  Melissa and her husband Gary have 3 beautiful children (Sophia, Isabella, and Jack), along with her spoiled Boykin Spanial, Phooey, and 2 cats, Orange Crush and Bugg.

Doreen at the roanoke Island animal clinicroanoke island animal clinic pig


joined the clinic in May 2009.  Doreen's positive attitude has a way of rubbing off on everyone. We were blessed when she decided to give up her computer career and take on veterinary medicine.  She quickly picked-up the basics and is currently enrolled in the veterinary technician program at Purdue University to become a liscensed Veterinary Technician.

Melissa and Doreen place an iv catheter as they get "Spam", a miniature pig prepared for her overiohysterctomy surgery.

Starr - Veterinary Assistant

joined the team many years ago and is a true Outer Banks local. Starr began as a kennel assistant but has really grown with the clinic and now is quite the talented veterinary assistant. Starr has a natural feel for animals and her compassion for them shows in everything she does.  Starr has also become our Groomer extrordinaire pro tem. Great work Starr!     

roanoke island animal clinic

Katie - Veterinary Technician.

is not new to our practice.  Katie worked at the clinic several years ago as a kennel support staff. Now, after obtaining  her Bacheler's Degree in nursing we welcome her back in her new role as veterinary technician.

Below Katie comforts "Jake" as he gets ready for eye surgery.

roanoke island animal clinic

Nikki - Veterinary Technician

is a licensed veterinary technician who hales from the great state of Massachusetts where she was a vet tech for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Tuffs University. Nikki brings with her, not only excellent technical skills but a wealth of veterinary information that she shares with us. She is a pleasure to work with and have on the team! Nikki lives with her hubby Sean, and her three dogs (Benjamin, Leonidas,and Rocco) and kitty, Tigger. 

roanoke island animal clinic


is an Outer Banks local who has been nothing short of a pleasure to watch grow in our clinic. Haley is really a jack of all trades and a huge asset to the clinic. Haley can work any area of the clinic with proficiency and confidence. She always has such a positive attitude that easily rubs off on her co-workers and is felt by the pets she handles. Thank you Haley! 

roanoke island animal clinic

Kayla - Head Receptionist

is our head receptionist and front office manager. She is dynamite! Kayla really picked up the clinic workings so fast and always has a smile when assisting our clients. Kayla has a bachelor's degree in accounting. She also has a beautiful little daughter named Avery. Along with Avery she lives with her two cats Jessie and Sketch and her Lab Sampson.

roanoke island animal clinic


doubles as one of our great techs and receptionist! She loves loves loves the animals and is nothing but an asset to our team and a pleasure to have on board! Lee raises her son Noah alone so stays pretty busy. 


or "Big E" as we like to call him carefully places an iv catheter in a patient getting ready for a dental procedure.  Elliot just graduated ECU in biology and is now attending The College of Veterinary Medicine at Ross University in St Kitts. He is due to graduate in 2017. God help us all. 

roanokesislandanimalclinic             Techs Mariel, Jackie, and Haley take a moment from their busy schedule for smiling pose.          
Roanoke island animal clinic Mariel and Tab (left) strike some pretty smiles as they pose with George the McCaw who comes in for routine nails, beak and wings trimming. George is so cool!